Innovation Frontier

This data flow, which Siemens is leading and managing mainly through Digitalization in all related fields, already feeds several key projects, inside and outside the Universal Exhibition. Looking at EXPO’s closest borders, some major customers and partners related to different Siemens businesses can be found within the so-called industrial triangle: from automation leaders to energy top-players up to healthcare specialists and well known urban infrastructure operators.

Thanks to these exclusive contributions, the technology triangle – traditionally emerging between Milan, Turin and Genoa but also connecting other Italian important poles – represents an advanced frontier and one of the most interesting and diversified industrial districts in Europe. The biggest volume of Italian Gross Domestic Product is being generated here: there are over 6 million inhabitants, some of the best Italian universities and 40% of the headquarters of the biggest Italian firms – this contributes to more than 30% of industrial production in Italy concentrated in this area. Furthermore one third of Italian innovative start-ups come from North-west incubators.

Recognizing this region’s particularly dominant position in the Italian and European context, the municipalities of Milan, Turin and Genoa, decided to sign an agreement of cooperation and competition in the fields of industry, environment and mobility. The cooperation among these cities is expected to bring in future investments in infrastructure inside the district.

Taking into account the challenging economic scenario, the “Italian Triangle” is today and for the future one of the guiding lights for the Italian economy. Siemens is very well-positioned in this area to partner with the biggest industrial groups and to journey onwards with the customers towards the new frontier.

Case Studies

The case studies below showcase Siemens technology at work. Click on an image below to read more.

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