Siemens is a major player in the fields of sustainable infrastructure, and sits within a unique position. With a perpetual future-facing vision, outstanding competencies in terms of engineering and innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit, Siemens has demonstrated a clear commitment to the World EXPOs that stems as far back as the very first EXPO in London in 1851. Siemens had only been in operation for four years, yet the company had committed itself to rapid industrial modernization. At the first World Expo, Siemens exhibited an innovative pointer telegraph and other technologies and products. These products earned Siemens the highest Expo award – the “Council Medal”.

That successful participation kicked off a long-term partnership between Siemens and the World EXPOs, which Siemens joins in Milan for the 19th time. In fact from 1851 to 2010, across a period of 159 years, Siemens has participated in 18 Expositions, including Universal, International and Specialized events such as Lisbon 1998, up to the last global partnership for Shangai in 2010. It’s a rich history that has featured some crucial innovations and awards, such as the first electric dynamo in Paris 1867; several “Grand Prix” and Gold medals; and key-infrastructure projects, such as in China in the fields of rail transportation, building technologies and healthcare.

Siemens continues to play a prominent role, built on a presence spanning more than a century, continually evolving and intelligently interpreting the technology focus and the cultural soul of these huge events. This is precisely what Siemens is doing at EXPO 2015 – state-of-the-art infrastructure and artistic sculptures, both being fed by an innovative universal flow.

View our infographic showing Siemens involvement with Expo for over 150 years