Feeding Technologies

Siemens is the Strategic Partner of Enel for the Smart Grid Technology at EXPO Milano 2015, and has developed the Energy Management System that is core to the energy nervous system of the entire Universal Exhibition. It is able to remotely monitor and control every energy device in real time from the control centre, supporting planned and non-planned maintenance interventions. The whole system is connected to the e-car operation center working inside and around the fair, and incorporates hardware and panels as well as major software solutions. This highly innovative software – named the “Energy Management System” – is the result of Siemens’ collaboration with Italian grid operator Enel Distribuzione and has been developed by an experienced team of Italian engineers, working into an innovative control room in Milan. A multilingual cloud-based web interface makes the system particularly user-friendly. Starting from May 1st the interface is available to all exhibiting countries, allowing access to a full range of energy consumption, lighting and environmental climate data for the pavilion from a smartphone.


Siemens’ crucial contribution is greatly complemented by the building automation systems Desigo, equipping the majority of the EXPO pavilions and buildings in order to ensure their efficient management mostly in terms of lights and climate.

In addition, low and medium voltage products and panels have been supplied to equip different pavilions within the EXPO site, as well as an innovative system for electricity storage in the distribution grids to compensate fluctuating energy loads so optimizing related efficiency.

With these technologies, the Energy Management System is a key-contributor for crucial infrastructures, focusing  on sustainable features for the entire EXPO environment development.