The Sculptures

As part of its official technology partnership with Enel, Siemens is also present at EXPO Milano 2015 with a gigantic art masterpiece: four aluminium sculptures designed by universally known architect Studio Daniel Libeskind that will frame the central Piazza Italia like shimmering silver finials. Marvels of geometry, each sculpture is a triple-helix formed by three intertwined, industrial-finish blades that shoot upward before spiraling outward as open branches. Ten meters in height (32 feet), 14 tons in weight each, with a fascinating highly impactful structure recalling fluid movements, these sculptures emerge in the site as an ideal and seamless combination between nature, dynamic art and technology. The latter is represented by thousands of LEDs nestled across one façade each on two out of four sculptures. They symbolically draw the movements created by the future technology trends, which Siemens is shaping across the value chain of Digitalization, down into key-evolutionary topics such as Future of Manufacturing, Sustainable Energy and Intelligent Infrastructure. This unique experience is complemented by the sculptures being surrounded by audio effects – for which Libeskind collaborated with the artist Caleb Townsend to create a soundtrack inspired to a bird flight – and perfectly completed throughout the Siemens App personal interaction.

In order to ensure an exclusive experience, Siemens relied on a top-level international team. Under supervising architects from Studio Libeskind New York and Libeskind Architettura from Milano, the sculptures have been realized by the Central Industry Group in Germany who have previously co-operated with British sculptor and architect Anish Kapoor and the US painter Frank Stella on large-scale public works. Graphic animations have been developed by award-winning London experience agency, innovision.

Find them

The Sculptures are located in the Piazza Italia, if you have downloaded the app, navigate to the AR view and you will see where the Piazza is from the mumuration. Otherwise please check the map below.